Adventure Time

Adventure Time

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Big Sam – The Wayfaring Stranger

Join Big Sam and his posse as they track down a posse of lawbreakers. This story features Buddy Davis in a story inspired by his song Big Sam. Story by The Riffenburghs, the writers who brought you Detective Rick Wraith and Jonathan Park & the Whispering Sphinx.
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Brinkman Adventures

What happens when you take the wacky adventures of a fictional American family and mix them with exciting true stories of heroes from around the globe? You get a captivating audio drama series called Brinkman Adventures! Powerful stories from the lives of real people come to life through the humorous escapades of the Brinkman family. These adventures will strengthen your faith and family and entertain listeners of all ages. Brinkman Adventures is a treat for the ears, mind, and heart. So sit back, turn up the volume, and get ready.
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Coral Island Adventures

Mystery! Suspense! Exciting Adventure! Celebrating creation, and even more importantly, teaching the Bible and how it can be trusted. All of these are the ingredients of the thrilling radio drama, Coral Island.
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Discovery Mountain

Experience adventure, mystery, camp fire songs and, most importantly, get to know Jesus. Discovery Mountain is where is all happens.
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Down Gilead Lane

When you listen to Down Gilead Lane, you will get to follow Coleraine’s favorite family – the Morrisons! Witness their growth in faith, and see how God’s grace works on their family and friends’ hearts! Take a walk with us Down Gilead Lane!
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Journey to Novarupta

From the creators of Jonathan Park comes an adventure based on the research expeditions conducted by Dr. Shormann. Dr. Shormann and his team searched for evidence of a global flood. These stories are built on the true story of expeditions to a powerful volcano in the remote Alaskan wilderness.
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Only the Hays

The Hays family has a rebellious son that only God can change. Will Tom turn from his life of crime before it’s too late? This story parallels the story of the Prodigal Son in the Bible.

Rick Wraith – Christian Detective

Rick Wraith is truly unique. It’s charm is found in that it accurately captures the sound of the old-time dramas from the golden days of radio sleuths. With an action-packed story, detective Rick Wraith and son, Andrew, use Scriptural principles to unravel the plot of evil men!
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StoryTime Adventures

Take an adventure with Michelle Song. Character-building stories for people of all ages.
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The Lazy Prince

A Christian radio drama telling the the story of a spoiled prince who learns the true meaning of work through an exciting adventure.
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Time Chroniclers

From the original creators of the Jonathan Park series comes a brand new drama! Time Chroniclers will keep you engaged as it delves into evidence for creation. Follow the Penner family, Scott, Winny, Hope, Suzanne, and Heath, as they find secrets from the past that tell the future!
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These programs air in rotation. When one program series completes another series will begin.


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